LIVE & SERVE IN EUROPE is a sister program to Live & Serve in Latin America and was developed for participants who wish to focus their travel time on service and/or cultural learning projects in Europe and receive university credit. These are not just travel trips; the expectation is that you'll stay a week or more in an area and focus on service and cultural immersion. They may be completed in addition to the Live & Learn language study options but cannot be taken simultaneously.

The instructor works with local schools and organizations to establish projects and can work with participants to arrange additional opportunities; options for structured language practice and home stays are available in some locations.

This is independent travel study so you pick the dates. The instructor will not be traveling with participants but will provide itinerary, health, and packing suggestions. Participants will purchase their own flights. You can can register to receive 6 quarter hours at the 400 or 500 level per week for up to 4 weeks per country. Credits are issued by Heritage Institute and Antioch University Seattle; minimal additional assignments are required for credit, PDU and clock hour options are also available.

VOLUNTEER AND CULTURAL PROJECTS vary by location but could involve schools, orphanages, museums, health services, archaeology, art, local crafts and cooking, building projects, religious pilgrimages, and programs for the elderly, individuals with disabilities, and street kids.

For information about similar programs in Latin American countries as well as credit for Spanish immersion programs, click here or on the bottom link, below. Contact information is available on the Registration Form.


1) Download the REGISTRATION FORM and BOTH RELEASES; filL them out and send them to me, Stacey Holeman, at the address on the registration form with a CHECK* made out to Live and Learn in Latin America for $600 per week (6 quarter hours at the 400 or 500 level); don't worry about the course numbers. (60 clock hours or PDUs per week are available for $400). *There's a Paypal option now - see below.

2) Purchase your airline tickets. I like because you can experiment with different airports and dates. I sometimes choose to buy my flights through because they promise to credit the difference if another traveler finds your itinerary at a cheaper price before you go.

3) Contact the Volunteer Supervisor or Cultural Learning Project Provider and make reservations for your participation; they can likely help with ground transportation and lodging suggestions, too. You will pay them directly if fees are required.

4) Let me know if there's more I can do to help and tell me when you've made the arrangements - can't wait to hear!
* If you use the Paypal button below, add $25/wk to cover the fees ($625 instead of $600/wk).

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